Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Potty Training Twin Boys

I started potty training my twin boys this week, and boy it isn't fun. I mean I can totally handle the peeing accidents, but the poopage accidents make me want to barf! LOL. But I am going to be sticking to it and hopefully get these guys out of diapers soon because we all know diapers are not cheap, especially when having to buy double the amount.

For the most part, they both have been doing okay. Chayse has gotten it down a lot better than Brody, who had about 4 peeing accidents. But as the day went on Brody seemed to catch on a little bit better. I try to get them to aim for the toilet paper in the toilet, and then when they are done we do the "pee pee dance" and flush the toilet and they both say goodbye. So overall it's been going okay. I know it will take some time for them to get use to peeing in the toilet. Hopefully they catch on sooner than later!


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  1. Too funny! I am currently still on the potty battle-zone with my daughter as well.
    She has been doing MUCH better than she was. They will test you for sure!


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