Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mary Kay (review)

I’m always trying new products, or at least trying to try new products, if my wallet will let me. I was looking for some water/smudge proof items like mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. Mary Kay had these items I was looking for and I’ve always heard great reviews about the product line. But I was a little hesitant at first because water/smudge proof is kind of a big deal to me especially since I need these items for my Vegas trip at the end of July (you know what Vegas in July means right? Pool time!). I didn’t know how well any of this makeup will hold up. I mean would it wash off right away? Will my mascara run down my face and make me look like a hot mess? Will the mascara get all clumpy when I apply it? Would the eye shadow and eye liner smudge all over my face? Will the eye shadow even stay on? These questions were running through my mind like crazy! But, what better way to find out if these items truly are water/smudge proof like it says then to use them at the R.O.C. Race I had a few weeks ago.

First off, I was a participant in the R.O.C. (Ridiculous Obstacle Course) Race held in Del Mar on May 21st. Think Wipeout (the television show), but just not as intense. It was a lot cardio with obstacles, water and mud everywhere. The race was a blast though, loved it!

With that in mind, let me tell you, the make up actually held up pretty well.

As you all know, I always have to define my eye brows before I go anywhere, yes even for a race I felt the need to fill in my eye brows. I used the Mary Kay eyeliner in a Deep Brown, very easy to use and color was perfect. I also used the deep brown on my top and lower water lines.  I added the Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist all over my eye lid. Love, love, love this color. It’s kind of an orangey bronze sheer color which is what I was looking for. And of course I applied the waterproof mascara.

The eye liner didn’t smudge or run, which was amazing because if it did, my eyes and brows would have looked a little freakish, like Halloween freakish. The mascara definitely held up to its waterproof name and it wasn’t clumpy during application. The Cream Eye Color also did its job well, even though it’s a sheer color, it still stayed on and gave my eyes a bright bronze summer look. After my race, my face was still intact, nothing was washed off or running down my face and I definitely didn’t come out looking like a hot mess. Score!

After the race, I'm in the middle with my makeup still intact!

What I loved best about these items were that they really did hold up very well. I loved the Apricot Twist color the most because I didn’t need a whole lot of eye makeup to brighten up my eyes. I could definitely use it as an everyday quick wear. The mascara was a triple score because I am very picky about my mascara. It was waterproof, smudge proof and it also lengthened my already long lashes. The eye liner was perfect, it didn’t smudge and the color was perfect. I would totally recommend these items to any of my friends willing to try them.

<3 Sammie

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tropical - Blues, Green and Beige (tutorial)

Since summer is coming and the weather has been semi nice (I say that because the weather in Southern California has been pretty funky lately), I wanted to do a Tropical look with some blues, green and beige. It might be a little dark for some of you guys, but don't forget that I am really tan so I do opt to go a wee bit darker. I also like to use shimmery eye shadows because they work best with my skin tone. So check out below for a tutorial. Enjoy!

Step One:
I always have my eye brows defined in the first step, force of habit. Primer first, here I used E.L.F.'s Eyelid Primer. Then I went ahead and used the Beige/Goldish color and a Medium Blue color  from my 1st Edition BH Cosmetics palette. 

Step Two:
BLEND! This is where you blend your Beige and Blue colors. Once you're satisfied, add in the Green color and BLEND. Notice how I didn't cover up my Beige color? I went about 1/4 of the way from the inner corner of my eye and applied green all the way to the edge of my eye. You can also use your finger to blend. Again all of these colors are from my 1st Edition BH Cosmetics Palette.

Step Three:
Now, once you've blended your medium blue, green and beige, add a Darker shade of blue to the outer corner of your eye and blend about half way through your crease. Here I used more of a dark green blue color. Very pretty color, again from my 1st Edition BH Cosmetics palette.

Step Four:
Add your highlight color under your eye brows. Here I used Avon's mineral in Bronze Stone (I love this color, can't get enough of it, I always use it as my highlighter color). Then of course add your finishing touches, eye liner, mascara, then dust the underneath your lower water line with the same colors you used for the look. When I am using bright colors like this i try not to go overboard with thick eye liner because I want to showcase the colors. For my eye liner I used Mary Kay in Black (same for my eye brows) and my mascara I used L'Oreal's Volumnious in Carbon Black. Voila! You're done!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picture Of the Day

So I know I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy trying to keep up with the Facebook Group and the Wordpress Blog. Anyway, I just wanted to share my POTD (picture of the day). I used mostly Eye Kandy Cosmetics to achieve this bronze summer look. I used their minerals in Sugar and Spice for my base and then used there Caramel for my countour. I also mixed Candy Corn and Black Bart and used that as an eye liner. For my lower water line and eye brows I used Mary Kay's eye liner in Dark Brown. Hope you like it!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"IT" Girl Search

So, I entered into the IT Girl search hosted by Refinery 29 Inc for Smashbox Cosmetics. I wish I would have seen the email earlier because then I would have entered in it earlier. Anyway the contest ends on May 25, 2011, but the finalists will be picked on May 10, 2011 and will be picked by the public. I hope that you all could go to IT Girl and vote for me, I'd really appreciate it. You will have to log into your Facebook in order to vote.  So please hop on over and vote for me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

500 Members Giveaway

As you all know I do have a Facebook group page, which is of course open to anyone and everyone, so please come and join us. We are at 500 members! We got there so quickly, it's amazing how much love and support I feel in that group. I just wanted to thank everyone who is in the group and who has also stayed in the group. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable, whether it's about makeup or hair. Anyway, to the point, because we have reached 500 members I am hosting a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, but a HUGE giveaway. Check out the details below.

I will be posting a picture of everything together once I get these products in. :-)
I also try to make my giveaways fairly easy to enter. When I get in more products I will also be starting some contests such as makeup looks and what not. So if you have any suggestions on contests, please email me.

500 Members Giveaway Details

Dates: Ends May 30, 2011

What's in it?
Tons of fun stuff :-). But to be more precised, here's a list and description of what is in this awesome giveaway:

Haircare: Frederic FekkaiAdvance Brilliant Glossing Kit, 6 items total (Beauty Collection)

  "Inspired by nature with its winning formula containing olive oil, Brilliant Glossing now features encapsulated technology that helps deliver even reflective shine from root to tip, and refreshes your shine as you comb your hair for brilliant hair throughout the day."

Makeup Brushes: Sigma Naughty in Black Travel Kit, 7 brushes total (Sigma Beauty)

" The Sigma Makeup travel kit Naughty in Black contains 7 essential brushes to achieve a flawless look on the go. Take Naughty in Black to your favorite travel destination or keep it in your purse for a quick touch-up during the day or a night out. All brushes are individually stored in a stylish black clutch equipped with a convenient pouch to carry all your must-have makeup items."


- BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition Palette (BHCosmetics)

"Sashay down the street in a glimmering color fantasy! You'll create that and so much more with the exciting Second Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette. Every new shade is a tiny treasure just waiting for your vivid imagination. Explore beautiful sea foam greens and luminous pinks. Mix them with impossibly rich rubies and shimmery golds. One hundred and twenty dreamy, versatile colors feel light and lovely on your skin. They're double-stacked in an elegant, glossy, black 9" x 6" hard case."

- Shimmer Lip Gloss Collection, 5 lip glosses total (E.L.F.)

"Shimmer and shine with this dazzling assortment of Shimmer Glosses. Mix and match colors to create your own custom blended shade or pick your favorite individual color to reflect your personal style. The satin smooth formula glides on easily to instantly hydrate lips for a beautiful long-lasting shine."

Sun Safety: 5th Edition Sun Safety Kit, 11 products total (Sephora)

"Sephora and The Skin Cancer Foundation are proud to present the fifth edition of the Sun Safety Kit. One of Sephora's most popular sets, this year's mix includes past favorites and new products that we can't resist. The bonus tote bag is both travel and beach-friendly. You'll also get a Sun Safety Tip Card. It's everything you need for sun-safe fun this summer"

Gift Card: $25.00 (Sephora)

How to enter:

1.) "Like" our Beautiful Inside and Out Facebook Group. I will be posting this giveaway link on there daily. One like equals one entry.

2.) Subscribe to my blog, Beautiful Inside and Out. You will receive 5 one time entries. YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE to Beautiful Inside and Out AND comment on the 500 Members Giveaway to let me know that you have subscribed, or else your entry will not count! (If you are already subscribed, please just leave your name under the comment section. Also, if you do not wish to share your full name, just a first name and the initial of your last name is fine.)

3.) Become a follower on my blog through GFC (google friend connect), Breen Life. Please make sure you comment on the Breen Life 500 Member Giveaway (it's easier for me to track if it is commented on both blogs separately) with your GFC name and you'll receive 5 one time entries. For those of you who are already followers, you'll automatically be entered unless you email to let me know you decline being in this giveaway. If you don't comment on Breen Life's 500 Member Giveaway, your entry will not count!
4.) Share this giveaway on your blog and you'll receive 5 one time entries. If you do share this on your blog, please comment with a link back to your page on this giveaway to let me know that you have shared.

All of these items were purchased solely by myself. I will choose a winner via Random.org at the end of the giveaway date. When we have a winner, I will email that person and they will have 2 days to respond. If I don’t receive a response within 2 days I will choose a new winner. Once the winner has acknowledged and accepted their prize I will post it on our Facebook Page, Beautiful Inside and Out and on Breen Life.

**This giveaway is open to EVERYONE** If the winner is not from the U.S. Please allow 15-30 for shipping. If the winner is from the U.S. please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.


Eye Kandy Winner

Hey all, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Eye Kandy Giveaway! I had about 250 entrants. It was awesome. But we do have a winner and she has accepted! So congrats to Linda from Escondido. I hope you enjoy your goodies! Don't worry we have plenty of giveaways, just check out my giveaway page to see what else I have going on.

<3 Sammie