Monday, June 25, 2012

[Intro] Generation Klean

 Do you know what ingredients are in some of the beauty products you're using? Does anyone ever look? I usually do and always look for mostly clean, natural, paraben free products [this list could go on, but I'll stop it there]. It's definitely a must to know what you're putting on your body, let a lone your skin or face. I love that new companies are taking drastic measures in creating products that are good and safe for us to use. We don't have to be afraid of increasing the risks and the dangers of getting cancer related health problems with companies like Generation Klean.

If you don't know about Generation Klean, then you need to jump on this knowledge train. Generation Klean was created by Jasmine and JD because they wanted healthier and cleaner products without the mess of numerous toxic ingredients like Parabens, Sulfate and Glycol. They wanted to help people save money and prolong hair coloring treatments that you get from a salon. Can you really achieve outer beauty without the concerns of toxic ingredients? YES, with Generation Klean products, you will have that peace of mind in knowing that their products are Klean and are also loved by dermatologists and skincare professionals. Check out the video below from the show The Doctors about their latest product, Gray Disappear.

Gray Disappear is a hair mascara that covers gray hairs, and also adds highlights to the hair temporarily. It contains Vitamin E and other natural waxes that help keep the gray away, while enhancing your outer beauty.This product isn't just for women, yes you read that right. Men can use it too! Especially in their beards, mustaches or gotee's that are showing a little gray. This will also boost their confidence because they will instantly look younger with all the gray hairs covered. I love that Generation Klean caters to both sexes, rather than just for women. It comes in 4 shades; Black, Brown, Red and Blonde.
Generation Klean is definitely worth a peak. I mean what more could you ask for from a company that really cares about what you're putting on your body? Check out their Facebook Fan Page for updates and tips. Don't forget to check out their website at Generation Klean dot com, as they are bringing in new innovative products to the beauty industry. Definitely keep an eye out for my review!

IMATS Los Angeles

Do any of you know what IMATS is? Let me tell you, it is one of the most amazing trade shows ever. IMATS aka International Makeup Artist Trade Show, is a huge gathering of vendors, makeup artists, and enthusiasts [like me]. The line to get in was seriously so massive that it wrapped around the building.

My husband tagged along with me, he's so sweet to join me in my adventures. This was our convo as we pulled up:

Him: "OMG babe, all of these people are here for makeup?". 
Me: Yes, they sure are babe! =)
Him: "I'm in the wrong business, I need to get on this beauty train asap". 

He's too funny! Anyway, at the main show, vendors proudly displayed their best products from the industry and most of them were at a discounted rate from 20%-40% off retail. There were also amazing artists showing off their talents, a few classes and seminars.  I really wished that I could have stayed the whole day, but parental duties call, so I had to come home earlier than anticipated.

I feel so short standing next to the beautiful Claudia =)
I also has the opportunity to finally meet a great friend of mine, Claudia from I Like To Talk A lot. She and I have been blogging together for Beauty Collection for quite some time and have finally met face to face. We were only missing our other friend, Kit from Frances Is A Beauty. Don't worry Kit, one day, we'll all unite!

The fantastic and gorgeous Jamie. I feel even shorter because she had to squat! LOL

If it weren't for Eye Kandy, I probably wouldn't have been able to make it up to Los Angeles for the show. I LOVE their products, and had the pleasure to finally meet Jamie from Eye Kandy. I LOVE her, she has such a huge heart! She was sick but was still there through out the whole weekend representing her brand! I hope you finally got some rest after the show Jamie! Thank you for everything. Don't forget to check out Eye Kandy's Facebook Fan page for updates loves!
There was also a FX hall with all of the amazing FX creations done by artists. They were all so life like it was scary, but amazing at the same time.

I know I'm fired for not taking more pictures, but check out what I have below. I have a few but not nearly enough. Maybe next time I'll remember to take more pictures, but the show was really just so awesome that I was too busy starring and not remembering to take pictures - oops my bad. I did get some new products, so be on the look out for those reviews.

Crowds of people
Another crowd at Crown

Airbrushing done over at Make-Up Designory

Batman, Tinman and idk who the 3rd person is lol

Exorcist anyone? So realistic!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Quick Fix Tip] Glitters

 I don't know if I can ever get use to waking up in the morning and getting ready for work. My time being a stay-at-mom has ended after a long 4 years. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and my boss is awesome - but I think my body still needs time to get use to it? That or I'm low on iron [lol].

Anyway, lately I haven't been wanting to wake up to put on my makeup. So what do I do? I use my Eye Kandy Spinkles Glitters over my eye liner to give my eyes more pizazz. I abso-freaken-lutely love Eye Kandy's Sprinkles Glitters. They are easy to use, it doesn't flake and seriously lasts all day long. There are tons of colors to choose from and they are all so vivid and beautiful.

What look did I do today? Well since I have dark brown eyes, I decided to stick in the brown family and used Ginger Snap. Just saying Ginger Snap makes me want a cookie really bad [haha], no but seriously, I want a cookie! Check out my picture below and let me know what you think!

You can check out all of Eye Kandy's products on their website. Don't forget to check out their Facebook Fan page for updates, tips/advice and of course giveaways/contests.