Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty Collection

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, and most certainly much less about beauty products. I have just been super busy with the kids, and a new business adventure that I decided to pursue with It Works. On a brighter note, I am still currently active with the Beauty Collection Blog. I am part of a wonder blogging team. Check out their blog for my articles (signed by Sammie). My latest article was Makeup Tips for Your Office Holiday Party. If any of you guys are local to LA, check out their local stores! They have some amazing products and join their Facebook Page. They always have an online Facebook Party every Wednesday and have tons of giveaways and advice from feature products. Check it out! =)

Random - 3 year old Twins

So recently my twin boys, Brody and Chayse have become completely obsessed with Adele's song "Someone Like You". Let me tell you the story why. My sister's boyfriend's sister, we'll call her Miranda, who has a daughter, we'll call her Samantha (for privacy's sake), who is the same age as my boys. Anyway, Miranda sends my sister a video text of Samantha singing Adel - Someone Like You and of course she shows the boys and now that's all they want to hear when we're in the car. Don't worry I took a video of it for you all to see. Super cute and hilarious, but instead of calling it Adel's song, they call it Samantha's song.

On another random note. The other day my oldest son Markus was telling Chayse that he was the "Blue Ranger". Of course Chayse disagree's and says "No, I'm Red Ranger!". Markus continues to call Chayse the Blue Ranger and Chayse finally had enough and says "shut up Markus!" LOL! I couldn't help but laugh so hard I almost peed myself! Seriously to hear one of my 3 year old's say shut up! Cute, BUT so wrong, I had to tell him don't say that, you have to say be quiet...

I guess I'll be posting more randomness with the twins more often. They are a hoot!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year - 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year beginning! As for me, I am just SO glad 2011 ended. Hoping that 2012 will be a better year for us, to start brand new and let go of everything negative in our lives.

Anyway, who has their New Years Resolutions written out? I do! tee hee. Of course losing weight is #1, it's always on my list and I can never be rid of it lol. I am actually on my 90 Day It Works Challenge. Hoping to lose at least 30lbs and some inches! I've already lost about 6.5" in my mid section from using the Ultimate Body Applicator. I wrapped my right side and have lost another 7"! All of this by just using the Ultimate Body Applicators. I am so stoked! Wrapping every 4th day with this amazing product. You can check out the It Works products at Sports Wraps. They also have an amazing Business Opportunity too if you guys want to check that out, email me for more info on this as well if you want (

As for my other Resolutions, another being get out of debt, this one will be around for a little while as well lol. I would also love to take more trips this year, go on a cruise, be more active and just be HAPPY with what we have, and I am usually a happy person =). Life is way too short to stress the small stuff, so let's keep it moving people.

What are your New Years Resolutions??

Friday, January 6, 2012

Catching Clams again!

It's my Dad's Birthday weekend and it's that time again for us to go Clammin'! We always go to Coronado Beach and this week the weather has been really nice. Hopefully we won't get skunked! LOL. But it is fun and a great work out too! Who knew using pitch forks in the beach could work out your entire body.

Check out one of my older posts about clammin'. These clams are seriously GIAGANTIC.
Coronado Clammin'

Anyway, wish us luck tomorrow! Low tide is at 2:31 pm.