Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trip to Seattle (9/25/10-9/26/10)

So this last weekend my husband and I, along with a bunch of friends, ventured off to Seattle to watch the Chargers vs Seattle game. We saw a few of the Charger players in down town Seattle, which was great, made the weekend more exciting and got us pumped for the game, we lost by a touchdown but we won't get into that.

We stayed at Hyatt Place Seattle, love this hotel. Our room had a huge flat screen TV, with a separate living room with a nice L-Shape couch with an ottoman. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is traveling up to Seattle.

Even though we barely had time to do much site seeing, we did get to walk around at Pike's Place Market and saw a lot of retailers selling and marketing their products. From flowers to jewelry to home made items to fresh fruits and vegetables, there were a lot of vendors selling a lot of pretty neat things. But this metal art  display called MetalCraft caught my eyes the most. They make the most amazing hand-made metal art. Check out their website and browse through their art.

We were aslo able to see the fish market employees throwing fish around, it was awesome. We didn't get to check out many seafood restaurants, although I wish we could of. We ended up eating at The Brooklyn, which was a Seafood, Steak & Oyster House. We made it just in time for happy hour which is from 3pm-6m. Oyster happy hour there was delicious and you can't really beat $1 per oyster. The food there was very tasty, a little bit on the pricey side if you were going to sit down for dinner but what steak and seafood house is cheap?

Anyway, just thought I'd share my travel opportunities.

A little about me...

You know, I never really know what to write in these "about me" sections. But here it goes. I am 27 years old, born and raised in good ol' Escondido, CA. I'm married, to the best husband ever, and we have 3 beautiful boys. Markus, my oldest, is 7 and will be 8 in December and his twin brothers Brody and Chayse just turned 2 in August.

I love to cook and bake, well at least I try to. I'm a stay a home mom, so I need something to do to occupy my time. I also love to read, I just finished the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire series (I know everyone is into vampires these days hehe). Arts and Crafts is another one of my favorites. My all time favorite and number one love is hair and makeup. Although I am not a professional, I like to play and a lot of my friends come to me for hair color, touch ups, make up application. The only thing I haven't done is cut hair... In time I will amount to that level.

Well I believe that about sums up my "about me" section. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Soon I will be adding more blogs, random blogs, recipes to my favorite dishes and things like that. So stay tuned! =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ulta Gift Card - Giveaway

So, I know many of you know what Ulta is. For those of you who don't, Ulta is a retail store similar to Sephora. I believe  they both have some of the same brands and different brands. Anyway, I was rummaging through my too full wallet and found an Ulta gift card. So I look up to see  how much the balance was and it still had $20! On that note, I decided that I would do a gift card giveaway. I took some pictures of the card and number and did a print screen of the card balance, not to worry though I blurred out a lot of the numbers in case someone tried to be sneaky :-). Anyway, check out the rules and pics below. Good luck to everyone!

Ulta Gift Card Giveaway

What: $20.00 Ulta Gift Card

When: May 1, 2011 to May 15, 2011 (5:00 p.m. Pacific Time is the deadline!)

How to Enter:

1.) "Like" the giveaway link that I will be posting on the Beautiful Inside and Out Facebook Page. You can like it as many times as I post it. One "like" equals one entry. (That means you would have to "like" this group in order to participate, don't worry it is open to the public :-))

2.) Subscribe to my blog, Beautiful Inside and Out, and please make sure you comment on this giveaway post to let me know that you have subscribed by email or your entry will not count. So please make sure you subscribe AND comment on this post. For this you'll receive 5 one time entries.

3.) Follow me on my blog, Breen Life, with GFC (Google Friend Connect) and you will receive 3 one time entries. For those of you who are already on my followers list, you will receive 3 one time entries unless you email me to let me know that you decline to be in this giveaway.

I will choose a winner via on May 15, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The winner will receive an email stating that they won this giveaway and will have 2 days to respond. If the winner does not respond to me with their mailing address with in 2 days then I will chose another winner. Once the winner has acknowledge that they have won, then I will post the winner in both of my blogs, Beautiful Inside and Out and Breen Life and the Beautiful Inside and Out Facebook Page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

**This giveaway is open to everyone in the United States, and United States Territories, only because Ulta does not ship internationally. I apologize for my international peers, but don't worry, there will be more giveaways!**