Friday, December 9, 2011

Out with the old in with the new!

Back in November 2010, my husband was laid off from work, mind you he was our only income. So since then, our lives have been a little bit of a struggle, but who isn't struggling right? Ever since the lay off, we've just been running into the wrong people and making friends with people who don't deserve our kindness and friendship. So, on a positive note, I say OUT with the old and in with the NEW! We are moving forward with our lives, and the people who have burnt their bridges will be left in the dust.

My husband and I are good people, very giving, kind and we love our family and close friends. Hopefully the New Year will bring us some better luck, who knows maybe we'll win the lottery! HA wishful thinking I know =). Anyway, I'm not trying to give you the sob story of my life. I just want to say, even though you are going through tough times, keep the people who love you near and dear. Don't let the negativity run your lives. Life is way too short to stress over something that's not even worth a glance back at. Take the rough times as a learning lesson, I know I sure will. Being positive and taking care of yourself and your family is the best way you'll get through your tough times. Keep your heads held high and keep it moving forward, because things will get better if you let it! =)

I know this is early, but I have been swamped with work and blogging for a Beauty store, but I wanted wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years. . . Take Care!


  1. I agree! Thanks for the post:D life really is to short to sweat the small stuff even when it has a major impact on your life.

  2. Karen - Sorry hun I didn't even see your post! LOL... Yah i totally try not to sweat the small stuff, it's really not worth it. Life is way too short! =)


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