Monday, June 25, 2012

IMATS Los Angeles

Do any of you know what IMATS is? Let me tell you, it is one of the most amazing trade shows ever. IMATS aka International Makeup Artist Trade Show, is a huge gathering of vendors, makeup artists, and enthusiasts [like me]. The line to get in was seriously so massive that it wrapped around the building.

My husband tagged along with me, he's so sweet to join me in my adventures. This was our convo as we pulled up:

Him: "OMG babe, all of these people are here for makeup?". 
Me: Yes, they sure are babe! =)
Him: "I'm in the wrong business, I need to get on this beauty train asap". 

He's too funny! Anyway, at the main show, vendors proudly displayed their best products from the industry and most of them were at a discounted rate from 20%-40% off retail. There were also amazing artists showing off their talents, a few classes and seminars.  I really wished that I could have stayed the whole day, but parental duties call, so I had to come home earlier than anticipated.

I feel so short standing next to the beautiful Claudia =)
I also has the opportunity to finally meet a great friend of mine, Claudia from I Like To Talk A lot. She and I have been blogging together for Beauty Collection for quite some time and have finally met face to face. We were only missing our other friend, Kit from Frances Is A Beauty. Don't worry Kit, one day, we'll all unite!

The fantastic and gorgeous Jamie. I feel even shorter because she had to squat! LOL

If it weren't for Eye Kandy, I probably wouldn't have been able to make it up to Los Angeles for the show. I LOVE their products, and had the pleasure to finally meet Jamie from Eye Kandy. I LOVE her, she has such a huge heart! She was sick but was still there through out the whole weekend representing her brand! I hope you finally got some rest after the show Jamie! Thank you for everything. Don't forget to check out Eye Kandy's Facebook Fan page for updates loves!
There was also a FX hall with all of the amazing FX creations done by artists. They were all so life like it was scary, but amazing at the same time.

I know I'm fired for not taking more pictures, but check out what I have below. I have a few but not nearly enough. Maybe next time I'll remember to take more pictures, but the show was really just so awesome that I was too busy starring and not remembering to take pictures - oops my bad. I did get some new products, so be on the look out for those reviews.

Crowds of people
Another crowd at Crown

Airbrushing done over at Make-Up Designory

Batman, Tinman and idk who the 3rd person is lol

Exorcist anyone? So realistic!

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