Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mary Kay (review)

I’m always trying new products, or at least trying to try new products, if my wallet will let me. I was looking for some water/smudge proof items like mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. Mary Kay had these items I was looking for and I’ve always heard great reviews about the product line. But I was a little hesitant at first because water/smudge proof is kind of a big deal to me especially since I need these items for my Vegas trip at the end of July (you know what Vegas in July means right? Pool time!). I didn’t know how well any of this makeup will hold up. I mean would it wash off right away? Will my mascara run down my face and make me look like a hot mess? Will the mascara get all clumpy when I apply it? Would the eye shadow and eye liner smudge all over my face? Will the eye shadow even stay on? These questions were running through my mind like crazy! But, what better way to find out if these items truly are water/smudge proof like it says then to use them at the R.O.C. Race I had a few weeks ago.

First off, I was a participant in the R.O.C. (Ridiculous Obstacle Course) Race held in Del Mar on May 21st. Think Wipeout (the television show), but just not as intense. It was a lot cardio with obstacles, water and mud everywhere. The race was a blast though, loved it!

With that in mind, let me tell you, the make up actually held up pretty well.

As you all know, I always have to define my eye brows before I go anywhere, yes even for a race I felt the need to fill in my eye brows. I used the Mary Kay eyeliner in a Deep Brown, very easy to use and color was perfect. I also used the deep brown on my top and lower water lines.  I added the Cream Eye Color in Apricot Twist all over my eye lid. Love, love, love this color. It’s kind of an orangey bronze sheer color which is what I was looking for. And of course I applied the waterproof mascara.

The eye liner didn’t smudge or run, which was amazing because if it did, my eyes and brows would have looked a little freakish, like Halloween freakish. The mascara definitely held up to its waterproof name and it wasn’t clumpy during application. The Cream Eye Color also did its job well, even though it’s a sheer color, it still stayed on and gave my eyes a bright bronze summer look. After my race, my face was still intact, nothing was washed off or running down my face and I definitely didn’t come out looking like a hot mess. Score!

After the race, I'm in the middle with my makeup still intact!

What I loved best about these items were that they really did hold up very well. I loved the Apricot Twist color the most because I didn’t need a whole lot of eye makeup to brighten up my eyes. I could definitely use it as an everyday quick wear. The mascara was a triple score because I am very picky about my mascara. It was waterproof, smudge proof and it also lengthened my already long lashes. The eye liner was perfect, it didn’t smudge and the color was perfect. I would totally recommend these items to any of my friends willing to try them.

<3 Sammie

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