Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Vogue Influencer Network] Brahmin Handbags

I don't know if many of you know but I am part of the Vogue Influencer Network. The Influencer Network is a panel of some 1,000 women deemed to have sway over other women. We are given the opportunity to review products and promote what we love about it. I know there was quite a bit of controversy over it because of the fact that we don't get paid for and so on. I actually like being a part of it. I love being sent new products and being able to review them. Out of all of it, I am gaining experience and it's wonderful.

Anyway, enough about me blabbing. I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous handbag from Brahmin, Arno Black Tote [medium size]. Let me tell you, I LOVE it! I'm not just saying that because I got it for free and it's expensive [well expensive for me anyway]. It's an awesome bag, lots of storage space for all of my things, accept for my makeup bag [I kind of have a ton of makeup so it's impossible for me to carry just a few items =)]. It's black, my all time favorite color. It's also a medium size, which I love because I tend to carry quite a few things in my purse including my twin boy's diapers and wipes. So it's absolutely perfect for me. Seriously, it could not have been any better because I was needing a new purse. Now all I need is a matching wallet =X. I guess I can put that on my Birthday wishlist [LOL]. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think!

The front has a mini pocket. I keep my lip glosses here =)

And of course all of my stuff. Wallet, Glasses case, my Advair, Lotion, oh and my It Essnetial Bar.
Check out Brahmin Handbags on Facebook and don't forget to 'like' them. They have some new handbags that just came out that are to-die-for! Okay not literally to-die-for but you know what I mean.

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