Saturday, July 21, 2012

[Review] MuD - MakeUp Designory

I recently went to IMATS in LA, it's been probably about a month now. I know, I know, I should have posted reviews a lot sooner than I am now... hey better late than never right? I am so glad I went to IMATS because it's just a HUGE makeup show with vendors displaying their products, artists showing off their talents and Pros doing seminars and classes. I love online shopping, but when it comes to makeup it's kind of hard to gauge what colors really look like in person. So at IMATS I was able to test products, just like going to Sephora or the makeup counter at the mall, but imagine it 10x's bigger than any makeup counter or store.

One of the booths I stopped by at was MuD, aka MakeUp Designory. I've seen their products at the beauty schools I've toured but never actually tried them out. I figure, if their products are used at the beauty schools, then the quality must be fantastic. Here's a quick 411 on MuD: They are a school that provides quality education with a passion. MuD conducts numerous tests on their line of products to ensure that their brand is up to par for the cosmetic industry. They promise quality, long-lasting wearbility and flawless application. Read on for my review!


I love finding products that are high in quality and at a reasonable price. Which is great for me because that means that I don't have to use a ton of product for a certain look. The palette I got comes a good sized mirror, 6 slots for eye shadows and 2 slots for blush. I love that the palette is so versatile, sleek and slim, it's kind of sexy [is that strange that I jsut called a palette sexy? lol]. I have never actually owned a palette that I can change out the colors, so I am super happy about that. Colors are easy to pop in and easy to pop out and in my palette I have almost everything I need. It's compact so it fits perfectly in my purse without being in the way.

I did have a chance to do some swatches for you guys to see. I chose 6 random-ish eye shadow colors which are; Dulce De Leche, Firebrick, Espresso, Voodoo, Smoked Sapphire and Onyx. I wanted colors that I know I would wear a lot and then a few colors that I wear just to go out and of course a random bright color [Firebrick]. As for the blush colors I chose the Soft Peach and Russet. I love the blush colors, they are in the same family of orange-ish. I can use Soft Peach for work and then go a little bit darker with Russet for night life, or I just mix the two and get an in between color. I also got a Lip Glaze in Bare, a neutral lip color because I haven't ventured into the world of bright lip colors yet.

I am super happy with my purchase with MuD Cosmetics. The quality of their products are amazing and they last all day long. I did have a small snafu though. When I purchased my products at IMATS, I really should have double checked my colors because I was accidentally given 2 wrong colors. So I contacted them through FaceBook and had a reply in seriously 5 minutes. Customer service is really great, they sent me my original colors right away and without any extra charges. Great products and fantastic customer service, I seriously couldn't be happier.

MuD Voodoo and Onyx with Eye Kandy Jelly Bean and Sour Grape

Would I recommend MuD Cosmetics to my fellow beauty junkies? Of course! You guys should definitely check out their cosmetics line and if you're looking to go to a makeup school, they could be the one for you! I just wish they were a little bit closer to me so I could take part in their makeup artist program [one of my dreams!]. Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page and Twitter page for updates. Hope you guys enjoyed this review!

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