Saturday, August 18, 2012

[Photo Heavy] Camera Ready Cosmetics

I don't know if you guys know this, but I LOVE browsing the internet for makeup. I even do what I call an online "window" shop (LOL), which is where I find things I like, and add it to my cart. Then of course I'll go back and double check my cart, and see how much damage I've done. If I don't necessarily need it, I'll delete it. BUT boy that is the hard part, letting go is so hard to do!

I came across this website, Camera Ready Cosmetics, that I abso-freaken-lutely love. I swear it was fate that led me to Camera Ready because my friend was in need of a makeup artist for her wedding. The other great thing about it is that they are located in San Diego, a mere 20 minutes from me. So I jet down there after work one day and of course was totally in love with the cute little store. You can also purchase online, they ship WORLDWIDE. They have everything a makeup artist dreams of and this store is open to the public.

Ashlie, the cashier, was there helping me with such great customer service. I had my 3 boys with me and of course they were getting bored and antsy. But Ashlie was still so helpful through out my shopping trip. She recommended a few things that actually helped me save a few bucks,  which I really appreciated.

Of course after my shopping trip, I look through all of my awesome new makeup, I find that I forgot a few things. Boo me! But, I am so grateful that I can purchase online from Camera Ready Cosmetics and have my items shipped to me in about 2 days. Seriously, shipping is super fast and everything was packaged nicely to insure that nothing breaks. If you're ever in need of some high quality makeup that you don't normally see in stores like Sephora or Ulta, then you need to check out Camera Ready Cosmetics. I'll have reviews up of the products I bought when I'm all done with this wedding, so keep a look out for that! Check out my haul below.

Cinema Secrets - Warm Foundation Palette. LOVE this palette. I've been using it on myself since I got it.

Cinema Secrets - Lip Palette in Barely There (top) and Can Buy Me Love (bottom).

 Purely Cosmetics Translucent Finishing Powder.

 Model in a Bottle - Matte Finishing Spray.

 Ben Nye - Matte Final Seal.

 Cinema Secrets - Eye Primer.

 Mehron - Blush Palette. LOVE this palette.

 Ben Nye - Media Pro Poudre Palette in Mojave.
 Camera Ready - Quick Blending Sponge. The cost efficient alternative to the Beauty Blender, LOVE this pink squishy sponge!

 Camera Ready - Gel Eye Liner in Black Out.

Ben Nye and Graftobian - Refill Powder pans (lighter shades that I totally forgot the names of).

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