Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Review] Cinema Secrets

I have been meaning to post a review of some of the new brands I've been using, but I have been pressed for time lately. Now that my friend's wedding is over I can tell you how much I am loving my new products. First, you guys definitely need to check out Camera Ready Cosmetics. Seriously, the best store I've come across. They have tons of high quality brands that Pro Makeup Artist use. I cannot stay away from the store, if I could, I would probably buy everything [haha].

Photo taken from Cinema Secrets "About Us" page of Maurice Stein
Although I have a ton to review about from my recent purchases at Camera Ready Cosmetics, I'm just going to start with the Cinema Secrets brand. Cinema Secrets was founded by Maurice Stein in 1984. He is most famous for his part as a makeup artist in Planet of the Apes [I know we've all seen this]. His work was astounding in the movie and touched many faces of the industry. Did you know that he was also the very FIRST makeup artist to be inducted in the California Cosmetology Association Hall of Fame and is included in the National Cosmetology Association Hall of Renown? Well if you didn't know, now you know. Really such an amazing and inspiring man that I would love to meet one day [a girl can dream right?].

I needed a foundation that does it all. I wanted one that covers really well, one that isn't super cakey or have the cakey look or feel, one that I also don't need to use a ton of product and one that will last a long time. I'm so glad I came across Cinema Secrets. They have an amazing line of products, but by far their foundation is amazing. Since I was the makeup artist for my friend's wedding, I needed a variety of foundation colors, so I purchased 2 of the Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Kit [kit #3 and kit #8] from Camera Ready Cosmetics.

I actually use this EVERYDAY and even after the wedding, I still have a TON of products left over. This foundation did everything I wanted it to do. I didn't have to use a whole lot of product to get the job done. Colors were amazing, and easy to mix to get the perfect shade. It lasted all night through out my friends wedding and did not smear or run at all. I love the fact that you get a whole lot of bang for your buck. It didn't cost me an arm and a leg which is definitely a huge plus. So if you're looking for a great foundation, try Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Kit. I'm sure one of these kits will have your shade in it, there's about 11 different color kits! It is truly amazing.

Now for the fun part. Swatches and photos from the wedding that I was honored to be the makeup artist in. I didn't want to bombard you with a ton of pictures,okay really I didn't have a whole lot of time. So I combined the swatches [please be advised that I have used some of the foundations before taking pictures].

Nancy - The beautiful bride
Phoenix - Bridesmaid
Lidta - Bridesmaid

Sara - Bridesmaid

I hope you guys enjoyed this review/blog post! Check out my dedicated Makeup website, Makeup by Sammie. It's still in the works. I'm still trying to find old pictures of makeup applications I've done to put up. But so far, what I have on there is the most recent.

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