Sunday, June 16, 2013

[Review] To Die for Brows

Let's face it, my eye brows are not perfect. I know of one person that I can think of that has a set of eye brows that I would DIE for. My friend, Julie, she has amazing eye brows. They're thick but not super thick, dark and had the perfect shape and I had the privilege of grooming them for her... Anyway, sorry, was getting off topic - sort of. Onto the review.

I love Sigma Beauty brushes, but have never tried their make up before. When I saw that they were coming out with the Brow Design kit ($69.00), I had to get it. It was everything that I needed in a brow kit; grooming tools, stencils, a jumbo highlight pencil, a jumbo eye brow pencil, eye brow gel in tint and clear, 5 different shades of eye brow powder, an angled brush and a jumbo pencil sharpener. What more could a girl ask for? A few things actually...
As you can see in the very top picture, the box it comes in is nice, no doubt about that. One thing I would change about it though is the bulkiness of the box. As a professional makeup artist, this kit is just way too bulky for me to lug around along with all of my other makeup. I just couldn't understand why this awesome kit was so bulky! Another thing I would probably get rid of is the TINY mirror. It really serves no purpose because you need a bigger mirror if you're going to define your eye brows the right way. I also would change the fact that that jumbo pencils are just too big, maybe that's why they made the box so big?

As for the quality of the powders, I LOVE them. They are highly pigmented and of awesome quality. I've actually had this kit for almost a year now and I still use it. Yes, I know it's been a year, what can I say - I've been busy =). But that does go to show that I've had this kit for a very long time and I still have not made a dent in the one color I use most. My brows and clients brows lasts all day long, the powders don't flake or bleed. I'm probably also fired because I don't have swatches, yet. I will get to it and update this post, I promise. I do like the jumbo matte and shimmery highlight pencils. They get the job done, I just hate that they are so "jumbo". I don't really use brow gel so I don't have any negative or positive feed back on that.

This is my before and after. Before is a little

Overall I do love this kit. The colors are on point and quality is wonderful. The price is right for the quality. As for this kit in my professional makeup case, it is not for me. As I stated before, the kit is bulky and does not fit right in my professional kit. Would I recommend this kit to my friends and fans? Yes, I would. It's a great kit for starters and serves it's purpose.

Sigma Beauty: Online
Price: $69.00


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