Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[DIY] Glittery White Eyelahses!

I'm kind of a last minute type person, okay I lied, I'm very last minute. Only probably because I have a full time job, 3 kids and a husband - I only have so much time on my hands. Anyway, I needed some white eye lashes for a photo shoot I'm working on THIS Saturday - YES that's in like 3 days! I have no time to order any and I didn't want to because most of them were way overpriced for a one time use - Ridiculous!! So, what do you think I did? Well, I made my own lashes and added a flair of glitter to them. Check them out!

I'm also a nail polish junkie, so I thought hmmm why not just paint them white! I grabbed my Borghese polish and started painting away. Then I grabbed my Eye Kandy glitters in Confetti and Marshmallow and sprinkled them onto the wet lashes. Why did I use my Eye Kandy Cosmetic glitters?? Well because these lashes will be on my model's eyes... If the glitter were to flake off, even a little bit, it will not irritate the eyes. Besides, makeup glitter is way better than craft glitter. You definitely do not want to put craft glitter near your eyes. Play the safe card like I did and use makeup glitter. As a contact wearer, I LOVE that Eye Kandy glitters do not irritate the heck out of my eyes. So why not use the best glitter out there? Doesn't the glitter give these lashes pizazz?? It's totally what I was going for and I needed something "Ice Queen"-ish. I will totally update this post with some more pictures of these lashes in action when we finish the photo shoot and my awesome friend Kristine sends me some "sneak peaks".

Wanna know how I did this? Keep on reading!

Firstly, get your Eye Kandy glitter in Confetti and Marshmallow and mix them together. I used a tad more Marshmallow than Confetti for these lashes.
Step One:
Paint on the white nail polish to the lashes, one coat at a time. I did about 3 coats on each lash using the 3rd coat as a "wet glue" to adhere the glitter to them.

Step Two:
Take your Eye Kandy Glitters mixture and sprinkle over the WET polish. Let dry. Tap the lashes a bit to release the glitter that didn't stick to the lashes.

Step Three:
Flip the lashes over and tape them in place and repeat steps one and two for the underside of the lashes.

Top - 1 coat, Middle - 2 coats, Bottom - 3 coats plus glitter

Lastly, once you've finished glittering the underneath, let it dry a little bit but not fully because then you'll want to flip them and rearrange in your lash tray so that they will fully dry with the curve of the lash tray.

Since this is my first time doing this, I thought it would be fun to actually try them on. Please excuse the photo quality and my lack of makeup and tired eyes - had a long day at work lol. The lashes are a little heavier than you're use to but you get use to them.They don't feel or look like they are weighed down at all from the polish. I think they are actually pretty comfortable, and shinnnnnny. Check it out and let me know what you think??

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