Monday, December 30, 2013

[DIY OMBRE GLITTER NAILS] Eye Kandy Cosmetics... Not just for your face and body...But your nails too!

I went to get nails done on Sunday because they needed to be filled. I ended up taking my acrylics off and redoing them because I wanted them a little longer and wider. I usually just do the natural fill with a clear coat on top. It's pretty abnormal for my nail technician because most people who get their nails done want the whole Sha-Bang. But being me, I change my nail color pretty often, I'd say about once a week, so I tell my technician "just a clear coat please!". I get home and put on a thin coat of Orly's Sheer Nude........

Yeah this lasted me ONE DAY! LOL. My friends were right, who was I kidding! Bare nails are not for me. Even my husband thought my bare nails looked weird - I do not concur with his thoughts.

So with New Years around the corner, I decided to go sparkly! You know me, I love my shiny things. Instead of just using any regular ol' glitter polish I decided to use my Eye Kandy Cosmetics Glitter and turn that into nail polish. I did a little step by step Ombre look, I think you'll love it. Check it out.

All the materials you need
Materials Used:
Beauty Secrets Hardener - I got this from Sally's and used this to mix with the Eye Kandy Glitter.
Eye Kandy Glitters - I used Toffee and a limited edition color Winter Wonderland.
Seche Vite - Top coat.
Makeup Wedges - Used to create the Ombre look, you can get at any drug store or Target or Walmart.
Scrap piece of plastic - I used this to mix the clear coat and glitter together. You can even use an old CD.

Step One:
I mixed the Beauty Secrets Hardener with a little bit of the Eye Kandy Glitter in Toffee. Then I dipped the makeup wedge and started on the tip of my nails and gradually dabbed upwards. I did this to all of my nails and waited for them to dry a bit.

Step one with Toffee on my pinky nail

Step Two:
I mixed the Beauty Secrets Hardener with a little bit of the Eye Kandy Glitter in Winter Wonderland. Then I dipped a different makeup wedge and started where I left off with the Toffee. I started pretty close to the tip because I wanted that Ombre look and just kept gradually dabbing upwards.
Voila - finished product. Taken without flash.
Step Three:
I used the Seche Vite as my top coat. Watch closely when you're doing this final step because you will see how much more your nails will shine once you put the top coat on. You think that your nails were shiny before the top coat- oh boy they sure are shiny after a nice top coat.

Taken with flash. I like the photo before this one.
I LOVEEEE the way my nails came out. Its super extremely shiny. I swear it seems shinier than a regular glitter polish. These pictures do not do the glitters justice. Well it also doesn't help that I did this at night time with no natural lighting - tee hee. You can pretty much do this with any of the Eye Kandy Glitter colors. Check out their Facebook for tons of ideas and updates. They have TONS of beautiful colors - you'll want them all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my mini tutorial!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and safe New Years! See you all next year!

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