Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random - 3 year old Twins

So recently my twin boys, Brody and Chayse have become completely obsessed with Adele's song "Someone Like You". Let me tell you the story why. My sister's boyfriend's sister, we'll call her Miranda, who has a daughter, we'll call her Samantha (for privacy's sake), who is the same age as my boys. Anyway, Miranda sends my sister a video text of Samantha singing Adel - Someone Like You and of course she shows the boys and now that's all they want to hear when we're in the car. Don't worry I took a video of it for you all to see. Super cute and hilarious, but instead of calling it Adel's song, they call it Samantha's song.

On another random note. The other day my oldest son Markus was telling Chayse that he was the "Blue Ranger". Of course Chayse disagree's and says "No, I'm Red Ranger!". Markus continues to call Chayse the Blue Ranger and Chayse finally had enough and says "shut up Markus!" LOL! I couldn't help but laugh so hard I almost peed myself! Seriously to hear one of my 3 year old's say shut up! Cute, BUT so wrong, I had to tell him don't say that, you have to say be quiet...

I guess I'll be posting more randomness with the twins more often. They are a hoot!

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