Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Review] Tarte Cosmetics - Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Cosmetics is the leader in high-performance naturals proving that glamour can be good for you. They offer the largest selection of cruelty-free beauty products infused with pure, healthy ingredients including fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients. Tarte Cosmetics truly cares about the environment and helps reduce environmental waste.

Have you guys ever surfed the tv guide to find something to watch and there was absolutely NOTHING to watch? Well, that happened to me the other day and of course my remote landed me on the QVC Channel. I think it was a total coincidence that Tarte Cosmetics was on air talking about their Amazonian Clay Foundation because I was just surfing the web looking for new foundation and powder. Crazy how things work out huh?

What is the Amazonian Clay you ask? Its a revolutionary foundation that helps reduce the appearance of pores, while also minimizing imperfections and discolorations. You can get up to 12 hours of flawless coverage with SPF 15. I know we all need some spf in our lives and what better way to get it then to have it combined in your make up.


I was super excited and ordered Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation. I was looking for a foundation that was light, yet had full coverage because I do tend to get the dark circles under my eyes - so not the business. Wishful thinking, I had my fingers crossed that the Amazonian Clay Foundation was everything they said it was on TV. I guess you could say I got "suckered". I've tried tons of different powders, creams, and foundations and have yet to find something that covers really well but doesn't have that cake-y feeling to your face. I mean who wants to feel like they have makeup caked on? Being on the tanner side of the scale, it's really hard for me to match my skin tone, I usually would have to mix two to three different colors - pain in the butt if you ask me.

I was ecstatic when my package arrived 7 days early! YES 7 whole days before it was due at my house. QVC get's lots of brownie points for the fast shipping. I could not wait to try out the foundation. In my package I received 2 of Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Covered Foundation and a big fluffy foundation brush [picture is shown above]. With a cleansed face and brush in hand, I went work on my face.

I love that this foundation has a super light feel but gives you full coverage [check out my before and after, you can see that it covers my freckles]. No cake-y feel or look at all! This is exactly what I was looking for and let's not forget the fact that it's oil-free. It is also formulated without paraben, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate.What I loved most about the Amazonian Clay Foundation is that you don't need to use a lot of it - score! I like that the color "tan" matches fairly close to my skin tone. I kind of wished that I would have ordered a "deep tan" as well so that I can mix the two colors and see if I can get a better outcome. Overall I really like the foundation. It does have full coverage without the cake-y feel. It feels like airbrush without the tools! I love the bamboo soft and fluffy  brush, it's amazing! Would I recommend this to my fellow beauty junkies? Absolutely!

Product: Amazonia Clay Foundation

Price: $38

Purchase: Tarte Cosmetics

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