Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Tutorial] Eye Kandy Cosmetics - Cotton Candy look

I had totally forgotten that I did the 'Cotton Candy' look with my Eye Kandy Cosmetics. I'm a fan of their Eye Kandy Cosmetics Facebook page and I saw them re-post my picture! It was awesome to get noticed again hehe. So now I have for you a picture tutorial of the 'Cotton Candy' look. Check it out below.

Step One:

First off, you definitely need an eyelid primer. I like to use the ELF Eyelid Primer, works pretty well. Then take your Pink and dab it onto the inner corner of your eyelid. Next take your Purple and dab that onto the mid section of your eyelid. Lastly dab your Blue onto the outer corner of your eyelid. I used my BH Cosmetics Palette for a base foundation before I add the Eye Kandy Glitters.

Don't worry about the "lines" because now you want to BLEND. As you can see in the third picture the eye shadow is all blended and this is what you want.After you're all done blending, use a neutral highlighter under your brows.

Tip: Wet your brush and then dip it into your eye shadow, this helps you pack on more color.

Step Two:

Last final steps. Take your Eye Kandy Glitter in Double Bubble [Pink] and dab it onto the inner corner of your lid. Next take your Eye Kandy Glitter in Tiny Tart [Purple] and dab that onto the mid section of your eyelid. Lastly, take your  Eye Kandy Glitter in Hard Candy [Blue] and dab that onto the outer corner of your eye lid.

Tip: I use my finger to dab on the glitters, it's so much easier to get the 'blended' look with the Eye Kandy Glitters. You also have more control of how much glitter goes on your eyelid when using your finger.

For my eye liner I used my Maybeline Stiletto liquid eye liner in this look. I also took my Eye Kandy Glitters in Black Bart with my brush and dabbed that over the eye liner to give it a softer line. For Mascara I used Cover Girl's  Nature Luxe Mousee Mascara in Very Black. Of course, don't forget to line your upper and lower water lines.

Viola! You're done. I love the Eye Kandy Glitters, and I loved doing this look because its funky and fun. Hope y'all enjoyed it! =)


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