Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Giveaway] Let's start off the New Year with silky smooth skin

I know I've been MIA for a while, but I finally have the perfect giveaway for you guys! So lets start this New Years off right with your very own PMD Personal Microderm Device! I'm not sure if you read my review that I did for Beauty Collection, if you haven't you can view it here.

Photo from PMD Personal Microderm Facebook Page
I really love this tool, especially because for some reason now that I'm a little (dare I say it) older, I'm more susceptible to breaking out - yuck.

PMD Personal Microderm was having a huge giveaway and I happened to be one of their winners (I only paid for shipping and handling), so, in return I am giving it away to one of you! The value of this unit is $179.00 but keep in mind that I did win a factory refurbished unit. It's new in the box and  never used. The unit that I reviewed I received directly from Beauty Collection. Pictures below are of the unit that I won and am giving away.

As you can see it comes with the essentials you need. This unit comes with the PMD tool, adapter, about 4 discs blue and greens ones, a CD, two suction cups (one for the smaller discs and one for the larger discs), and 3 samples. I'll make this easy, just enter on the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post to enter to win. Good luck and Enjoy!

**Please read the Rules on the bottom of the Rafflecopter before entering**


  1. Heya, nice blog! :)
    If I had one wish granted by the Beauty Genie it would be for clear skin. I've had combo skin as a teenager but now since I hit 19 I broke out with moderate acne. I caked it with makeup, picked the hell out of it and was so embarrassed that people could see how destructive I was. I'm usually a confident girl but this knocked me down bigtime. After having tried every product on the market, I accepted that I had acne and the doctor prescribed me a total of 5 different things over the course of a couple of years. They helped a bit but not enough. I didnt understand and just tried to pick everything away. I eventually came to terms with the fact I had a picking problem. When I stopped picking for a few weeks, I was clear!! My new years resolution to stop touching my face and I'm going to stick it :). Problem is, I'm left with all the horrible marks that in some lights make me look like I have a beard haha! I am a final year student that has been through quite a lot of um... stress and I want to tackle this all before the real stress and spots (probably) come back in exam time! Also my boyfriend left to go travelling in SE Asia and will be coming back in May. I'm so desperate to get my hands on this device so that I can get rid of these marks now. The last push to being completely clear! It will make him so happy to see me more confident. I really want to win this!!
    Happy New Year Sammie,

    1. Happy New Year Ana! I am a picker too unfortunately lol. Good luck and thank you for entering! =)

  2. Looks fab! :) xx


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