Monday, February 9, 2015

Is Your Skin Tan-Ready for Summer?

Although it is February, Summer is literally right around the corner. Summer means fun in the sun, sandals, shorts, tanks and that glowing sun-kissed skin. What have you been doing all Winter to keep your skin glowing? If you haven't been keeping up with your tanning, fret not because it's not too late to start! Check out the Self-Tanning Towelettes from Comodynes.

Haven't heard of Comodynes, don't worry I have you covered. Here's the 411 on Comodynes: Comodynes is well known for the amazing self-tanning towelettes. The towelettes can provide a quick and easy naturally looking tan in about 3 hours. The towelettes itself contain 100% natural fibers, doesn't leave a staining residue and is perfect for face and body use. I haven't even told you the best part.. These towelettes are Paraben and Allergen FREE! Do I have your interest now?

Comodynes has a variety of products to help you keep your Summer sun-kissed skin through out those long cold Winters. Of course if you're in San Diego, CA, those types of Winters are non-existent for us! Still, not everyone has time to go to the tanning salon, or be outside during the day. That's where Comodynes comes in with products like the self-tanning towelettes and moisturizing lotions that help keep your tan up-to-date.

Comodynes Towelettes are available in two intensities, natural or intensive. Application is as simple has applying lotion! Just apply to clean, dry skin and voila! A tanner looking you in about 3 hours! To maintain your new tan, make sure you use a towelette about every 4 days.

If you're feeling a little dry but afraid to use a moisturizer after your towelette application, use Comodynes Hydratanning Body Moisturizing Summer Glow and Hydratanning Face Moisturizing Summer Glow. The Hydra Tanning Lotion will give you a progressive and uniform tan plus moisture for up to 24 hours! Not only does it help keep your tan flowing, it also helps defend against free radicals.

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