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[REVIEW] Jan Marini Skincare Management System

I find myself always looking at new skincare regimens. There are brands everywhere that are always coming out with something new and exciting. It's insane how much good stuff is out there for your skin. Some may be pricey and some may not be, so do not let the prices of products steer you away.

One brand that I came across is Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR). Jan Marini was founded in 1994 in San Jose, CA. They are recognized as the leader in innovative skincare. Jan Marini believes that skin care should not only address the current conditions of your skin. Their focus is to provide innovative technologies that deliver the best results and they are committed to satisfying their customers.

I love getting surprises in the mail, and you can bet your ass I was thrilled when I was able to get my hands on a Skincare Management System. This Management System has clinically proven technologies that can give you results within a few days. It'll improve the appearance of those pesky fine lines & wrinkles, redness, acne and acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Doesn't this all sound amazing? Check out the pictures below with a small review of what each item does.


So here's what you get inside the box. There are 5 steps to this system; Cleanse, Rejuvenate, Resurface, Hydrate and Protect. How easy is that? Don't worry it also comes with directions.

Step One: Cleanse

This is the Bioglycolic Cleanser with glycolic acid. It's suitable for all skin types and contains sorbital, a natural humectant derived from berries. Whats different about this cleanser is you use it on your face completely dry. It was definitely weird, but in a good way, at first. Once I blotted off the cleanser with a wet towel, my face felt refreshed and super soft. I didn't even need to use a toner after cleansing my face.


 Step Two: Rejuvinate

Ahhh The C-Esta Face Serum that dramatically rejuvenates your skin.  I can honestly tell you that this serum really does get the job done. My skin feels so much smoother, supple and tighter.


Step Three: Resurface

The Bioglycolic Bioclear Face Lotion is the resurfacing step. It makes my skin brighter and more even toned. It also helps with discoloration from being out in the sun and helps with fine lines & wrinkles too!

Step Four: Hydrate

The Transformation Face Cream helps my skin feel healthy, smooth to the touch and look more youthful. I love that you can use this on sensitive skin. You can definitely expect decrease in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Step Five: Protect

The final step to this Skincare Management System is of course the protection stage. This is the Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33. I love that this protectant contains microscopic sponges for extra oil control. It contains benefits from phytomelanin and beta glucan 1,3, which helps prevent damaged that was caused by sun exposure. Not only does it prevent it, it helps reverse sun damage. Texture wise, it's perfect, not too runny and most certainly not too thick, and it works great before your makeup application.

Overall, I really like this system. Each single product in this kit is perfect, none of it is too runny or too thick. Did I forget to mention that everything smells heavenly? Which is great for me because I am sensitive to strong scents. You also don't need a lot of product for this system to work. I know you're all wondering if it's worth the steep price tag. With product this amazing that delivers results, it's definitely worth it! Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Jan Marini Skincare Management System
Standard Kit: $300
Starter Kit: $190
(A-la-carte click on the individual links in product descriptions for individual pricing)

What's your skincare regimen? Do you have your favorites that you can't live without? Do tell!

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**Thanks to New Beauty I received the chance to review this amazing brand and their products. My review is based upon my own honest opinion**

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