Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Guide] Eyelid guide

Click on the pic for a tutorial on this look

Putting on eye shadow can be extremely easy or super tricky. I know that when I first started my addiction to eye shadow, I had no idea what I was in for. I just thought 'oh I'll just put one color on my lid and that should be fine' - WRONG! Now a days I consider applying eye shadow as a technique. You really have to have the patience to practice applying because you don't want to look like 'Mimi' from The Drew Carey show - I know I don't want to look like her LOL! Fear not my fellow beauty junkies, I have created an eyelid guide.

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Check out the picture below [please excuse my eye brow mess =)]. I put a blank slate next to my guide to so that you can see some parts that are not visible in the guide. Hope this helps! Check out my Youtube Channel for the latest eye shadow video tutorials.

1.) Inner corner lid - I basically start with a light shade here.
2.) Middle lid - Depending on what look I'm going for, I'll either progress to a little bit of a darker shade here or keep it light like my #1 section.
3.) Outter corner lid - Here is where I go darker than the last 2 sections.
4.) Crease - With my crease, I usually go a few shades darker than my section #3 or I will even use a black shadow.
5.) Above Crease - Here I will blend in a lighter shade of #3.
6.) Highlight (brow) - Here I almost always go for a neutral shade that matches my skin tone. It can be shiny or matte, whatever floats your boat.
7.) Inner lower lash line - I usually match this with section #1
8.) Outter lower lash line - I usually match this with section #3, but it also depends on what look I'm going for.
9.) Lower water line - This is where I put my liner. Sometimes I will dip my angled brush into water, then into a shadow and line my waterline this way.
10.) Upper water line - Same as section #9.
Then lastly, let's not forget the mascara. You can never leave home without it on! Seriously, having on mascara makes such a HUGE difference.

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