Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Manicure] Fishegg Manicure

So, I don't know if y'all heard about the controversy over Ciate's "caviar manicure". Check out The PolishAholic's blog to read more about it. Anyway, I think it's totally ridiculous that Ciate sent out cease and desist letters to bloggers who put out their own DIY versions of the "caviar manicure". This look is super easy to create and for heck of a lot cheaper to do at home. I honestly would NOT pay $25 for this look when I can get nail polish for $1 and 6 different colors of the Recollection brand microbeads at Michaels for only $6.99. So much cheaper than $25 and the looks are endless! You can create whatever you want with whatever color you choose. Definitely check out the tutorial on The PolishAholic's blog, it's seriously super easy. I love the FishEgg Manicure, it's different, funky and just my style =).

For my own manicure I used Opi [Black], Zoya's Phoebe [Matte Blue] and Recollection Micro-beads [Ocean]. Seriously, it's so easy to get this look, and best of all you choose whatever colors you want to do! Don't forget to check out The PolishAholic's blog for more inspiration on manicures, she has a ton of neat ideas and designs. Enjoy!

A little bit of a closer look at the "FishEggs"

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