Friday, April 27, 2012

[Review] Kawaii TOKYO - Pore Solution

Do you hate Keratin build up on your skin just as much as I do? I've tried tons of scrubs, soaps and anything else you can think of. Some felt like it left a greasy residue, and some just didn't feel like it did anything at all. I was definitely in need of a good scrub. I was extremely excited when I was given the opportunity to review Kawaii TOKYO's Brighten-Up Pore Solution.

Here's a brief 101: The Pore Solution is a non abrasive face and body peeling gel that has organic acid derived from natural fruits [also known as natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, AHA]. It mobilizes a gentle effect to remove that unwanted and annoying Keratin buildup. The peeling gel has generous amounts of an antioxidant known as Vitamin P that helps fortify properties of Vitamin C. The Pore Solution has ingredients of multi-fruit extracts that is highly beneficial for your skin. It also contains Gold Leaf that's blended with 98.91% of pure gold.  The Gold Leaf stimulates skin cells and balances circulation for soft, even tone. The results include skin turnover that restores your skin to become smooth, moisturized and even toned. Check out my other post for more information on all of their products here.


When I first opened the Pore Solution I noticed the fragrance. It's apple scented and smells amazing. I love it! At first I thought it was used as an exfoliating scrub, but after reading the directions it's used as a peel without having to peel it off. The consistency is great, it comes out of the squeeze tube like a gel but when I put it on, it goes on thin and distributes evenly without having to use a whole lot of product. I massaged it into my face and immediately I started noticing clumps of Keratin come off of my face. It was awesome and kind of gross at the same time [haha]. I didn't have to scrub hard at all and I didn't feel like I was rubbing my face with sand paper. The results are instantaneous. I noticed my face brighter, smoother and not as dry. After the first treatment I did notice some left over Keratin residue, but it was easy to just wipe off. After a few treatments, I didn't notice anymore left over residue, so with consistency of use you won't be noticing any residue at all.

What I love most about the Pore Solution is the effectiveness of it and how quickly it worked. I didn't have to spend a ton of time massaging and I didn't have to put a whole lot of pressure. Not to mention that it smells amazing. I would totally take a picture of my face with clumps of keratin build up but it's kind of gross [haha], so I won't torture you guys with that. My skin is soft, smooth and moisturized and I am in love with Kawaii TOKYO's Brighten Up Pore Solution.

Would I recommend this product to my friends and family? You know it! I actually even had one of my friends try it one day and she noticed the spot on her face was a lot smoother. You'll definitely want to keep an eye out for Kawaii TOKYO to hit the shelves in the US soon!

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