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[Introduction] Kawaii TOKYO - Brighten Up Skincare Line

One of the girls on the Beauty Collection blogging team, Claudia [who I now consider a good friend - you can also check out her blog at I Like To Talk A Lot] introduced me to her contact with Kawaii TOKYO. He is also the contact person for Le Edge. I've seen Le Edge around and sadly have not tried it yet but have heard some awesome reviews about it. Anyway, I am super stoked to be given the chance to review some new skincare products.

Kawaii TOKYO is a beauty brand that launched in Japan to embody the essence of Tokyo's pop culture with their multi beneficial skincare products. What does the word Kawaii mean? Kawaii in the Japanese language means 'charming' and 'adorable' - which is absolutely suitable for the name of this skincare line. Kawaii TOKYO has become the first line of Japan produced skincare products to earn certification under the "Halal" standards of Islamic Law. All of Kawaii TOKYO products are certified under the Islamic Law standards of 'Halal' and FREE from animal-based ingredients and alcohol.

Kawaii TOKYO's Brighten Up skincare line was designed for women who live active lifestyles. The Brighten Up skincare line uses ingredients such as; EGF [Epidermal Growth Factor] - eliminates spots and helps stimulate skin resilience, Arbutin - prevents the formation of melanin and brightens the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase, Aldenin - to protect skin from free radical damage, and Marine Collagen - diminishes signs of aging. Not to mention the natural ingredients of fruit and plant extracts. With ingredients like this, who wouldn't want to try these products? Check out below for more info on each product that Kawaii TOKYO carries [pictures are posted under the descriptions of each product]. You won't be disappointed!

Brighten Up Pore Solution [Juicy Smoothies]
Packed with Peeling action without the use of abrasive agents. You can use this juicy peeling gel for the face and body. It has Organic acid derived from natural fruits and helps get rid of hard to remove makeup, dirt and keratin from skin pores. You can use this once or twice a week and improve the condition of your skin and it also helps conceal signs of aging. Apple scented - I'm sold! I love fruits and anything that smells fruity!

Brighten Up Spot Solution [Cupid's Arrow]
Say au revoir to damaged skin! With the lipstick-style application beauty serum and it's easy application, you can  prevent chapping and aging. With key ingredients such as; Vitamin C Derivatives - has low irritation properties that continue to function in the depth of your skin for over 24 hours, Licorice extract - gentle on skin to bolster skin-brightening powers, and Chromabright™ - proven to deliver significant photo-protective effects on human epidermal keratinocyte cell cultures, preventing the skin-damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Brighten Up Junsui [Blossom Foundation]
Produced by blending natural vanadium water from the mineral-rich realm of Mt. Fuji with 10 flower extracts that contain high skincare effects. With it's spray-style application, it releases a soft mist to perform a luxuriantly healing floral fragrance [Orange Flower]. The Junsui has many multi-beneficial uses. You can use this on your face and body to instill moisture in dry prone skin. It also soothes the hot skin sensation caused by ultraviolet rays. You can also use it to finish your makeup, just a light spray allows the makeup to spread easier and take nicely to your skin. Also use it to freshen up your makeup by the sebum rising to the skin surface and removed in a quickness, which then in turns tightens up loosened pores.

This makeup remover is a water-based formula that helps keep the skin moist. It has a blend of five plant derived extracts with natural essential herb oil and using it will revitalize your skin without any damage. It has a subtle sweet aroma of geranium essential oil - great to know that your face won't smell like alcohol after being cleansed!

A facial cleanser that contains beauty essence to gently revitalize fatigued skin from UV rays and other environmental stress. It removes dirt form your pores making your skin moist and supple. With it's rich cream-type wash, using only a small amount can go very far. It has 11 combined botanical herbal plant extracts that will make you one with the earth. It's also filled with the A, C and E vitamins, with this combination the vitamins interact to maximize their functions to efficiently raise anti-oxidation powers. This wash is also fragrance free!

Brighten Up Gel
With skin being constantly exposed to stress, Kawaii TOKYO has created a product that address the every day anxieties that we go through. Kawaii TOKYO's research has paved the way to the use of cutting edge technology to blend thin-film oil content into gels and instilling them with a smooth application. What's great about the Brighten Up Gel is that it's an all-in-one step for those super busy women that are always on the go. It helps tone, moisturize, brightens and energizes the skin. Brighten Up Gel comes in the Herbal Forest and Citrus Paradise.

The Wrinkle Solution [daily defense] is formulated to reduce photo-aged wrinkles in the eye areas. This is the perfect addition to your daily eye care regimen and specially blended for the delicate skin area around the eyes. Infused with Adenin an ingredient developed for use at the first signs of aging. We all hate the puffy eyed culprits, with Brighten Up Wrinkle Solution [overnight repair] it is the perfect solution for those all-night study sessions, or if you're just simply sleep deprived. With this dynamic duo, you'll have the most refreshed eyes out there!

Brighten Up UV Blocker
The Brighten Up UV Blocker [daytime resue] contains a blend of prune, bilberry, star fruit and amongst many other plant extracts that acts deep within the skin to protect it. It's light based, blocks harmful UV rays, waterproof and resistant to perspiration, which is especially designed for women on the move. The Brighten Up UV Blocker [Sun Survivor] has a blend of Vitamin C derivatives and arbutin, which gives the skin an enhanced luster. Other key ingredients are hvaluronic acid and olive squalane, which helps moisturize the skin while participating in outdoor activities.

Kawaii TOKYO products are currently available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia... and hopefully soon in the United States! This is why I am super stoked to be in contact with a distributor because the products are not available in the United States yet. Stay tuned for reviews of Kawaii TOKYO. Check out their Facebook page and 'like' them! They also have a giveaway going on right now at Le Edge's Facebook page!


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