Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm sure a lot of you remember that television show MacGyver. Well today sure felt like him LOL. Anyway, the Twins were taking their routine daily shower downstairs. Usually I have my toothbrush and theirs in the shower along with some toys that they can play with. Well some how they figured out how to remove the drain cover and of course thought it was hilarious to toss down my toothbrush and theirs, along with one of those Gerber baby spoons. This drain, like any other drain, was not short or wide enough to where I can stick my hand in or use needle nose pliers and just grab these items. Luckily, my toothbrush and a red one was standing vertically in the drain. Unfortunately for me, the baby spoon and the blue toothbrush were wedged into the very bottom of the drain laying horizontally.

So, I'm thinking crap, am I going to have to call a plumber?! I really really didn't want to have to call a plumber. So my MacGyver instincts kicked in. First I was able to get my tooth brush and one of the twins' tooth brush out very easily. As for the other two, that was a little bit tougher. My husband said that he had some zip-ties in his tool box so I grabbed those because I needed something that would be able to clamp down on the baby spoon and other tooth brush, and that was also small enough to fit all the way down the drain. Next I needed something thin and long but also sturdy, which of course I didn't have, so I grabbed 2 chopsticks and tapped them together with packaging tape. Then I thought to myself how in the world am I going to pull the zip-tie tight when its all the way down the drain?? I grabbed some yarn, the biggest needle I could find and my Xacto knife. I proceeded to puncture a small hole into the zip-tie with my Xacto knife, then threaded the yarn through the needle and then the needle through the hole that I made in the zip-tie.

It took me about an hour to finally grab the last two items that were down at the bottom of the drain, laying horizontally of course. But I felt really good after I finally got the last two things. Markus was my light man, he had to hold the flash for me so that I could see down the drain. Thank goodness the Twins were sleeping through this. I swear these boys are getting way too smart and way too fast, but what can you do, gotta love the little boogers. At least I saved some money and didn't have to call a plumber. Below is a picture of my make-shift grabber and the items that were stuck in the shower drain.


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