Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers v.s. Pittsburg Steelers

So we went to our friend Steve's house for Super Bowl Sunday. Had an amazing time with some good company. They had a lot of food, and of course alcohol. Steve has an awesome house, not to mention the backyard, which has the most amazing pool and landscaping.

Anyway, it was a good game. My husband and I were rooting for Green Bay to win and of course they took the Super Bowl. Not to mention I won the 3rd quarter pool! $75 bucks in my pocket, yippy!

Since I am a San Diego Charger fan, I didn't have any Green Bay things to wear. So I wore my green tank top and put yellow ribbons in my hair. Of course the guys were making fun of me asking me if I just came from cheer practice, lol, jerks. And I also did my makeup accordingly, see pictures below. They aren't great pictures because I was taking them while my husband was driving lol. Also, please don't mind my red eyes. I used this disinfecting cleanser for my contacts, which had to sit for more than 6 hours and they sat over night. For some reason when I went to put in my contacts, it stung the crap out of my eyes. I felt like my eyes were on fire =(. And of course they stayed red the whole day, so I ended up taking my contacts off and putting on my glasses. They feel a lot better today by the way. =)

You really can't tell that I actually used some yellows, partly because I am dark skinned and I also didn't take very good pictures of this look. When I get a better camera I will take better pictures.


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