Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Half Sleeve

I finally put my before and after pictures of my tattoo together. I love the way my artist, Jason, designed it. I went into the shop and told him what I wanted, which was the kids' birth month flowers and their birth signs. He drew up some Narcissus and Gladiolus flowers and intertwined the boys birth signs with vines. He did an amazing job on designing what I couldn't piece together.

I know its a little bit hard to see the whole design in one picture. But this shows the majority of what the tattoo looks like. There is also a pretty butterfly that you can't really see, I'll have to post that up another time. Some people love my tattoo and some people hate. For the haters, I really don't care what they say because I love it. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't hesitate to get a tattoo done that has so much meaning to me.


Here is the picture of my butterfly that's hidden in the other picture. I blurred out the surroundings so that you can see butterfly a little better.



  1. I happen to love it. Especially because it has so much meaning <3


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