Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brown with Blue and Purple

I know Spring is here and everyone is all about the bright and pretty spring colors. I love the bright colors, but since my skin tone is a little bit darker, I feel like I can't do the bold pops of corals and pinks. So what I did today was sort of stuck with my usual brown tones, but added a bit of blue and purple to give my normal everyday look some pizazz. Now, the blue and purple are darker, but they are pigments from MAC so they are super duper bright, but I love it. I am going to try to take you step by step through this picture tutorial. So hopefully you guys get the idea of the look, which is kind of like a Peacock but with out the greens. Maybe my next tutorial will be a true Peacock, so for this one we'll call it the Unique Peacock.

Step One: I always fill in my eyebrows because mine are so scarce. Once you have that done, primer, primer, primer. I cannot stress enough that primer is a must, especially with people with the darker skin tones like mine. Now if you have a white eye sick use it as your base because this will bring out the color more. (I don't have one). I started on the inner corner of my eye with a beige sparkly mineral from Avon, the color is Bronze Stone, which I love cause its so pretty.

Step Two: In this step I used my ELF studio line to contour my crease, the color is Coffee Bean. Notice how I didn't fill in the middle part of my eye lids because I'm saving that for the next step. It is okay to pack it on, because you will be blending it out. And of course if you need to add more color at anytime, please do so to keep the colors going.

Step Three: BLEND your browns. You can use a blending brush or even your finger. Finger you ask? Well I've learned that using your finger does not hurt at all. It actually works really well if you just take your fore finger and just kind of smudge your eye shadow back and forth and up and down. Or just use a blending brush and go from outer to inner back and forth. Add the Blue and Purple, in here I used MAC's pigments, I don't know the colors because I ordered these pigments on Ebay so I honestly do not know if they are even real MAC colors. But they work just the same. Anyway, once you have those colors on, blend again. Then once you've blended your eye shadows together, add your highlighter underneath your eye brows. I used ELF's studio line Butter Cream color. Love this color because its not too shimmery but it has a sheen to it, very pretty.

Step Four: Add your eye liner and mascara to your top lids. For my eye liner I used Maybeline's Stiletto in Blackest Black and my mascara I used L'Oreal's Voluminous in Caron Black. What I also did in this last step was use 4 of my Eye Kandy Glitters to put on top of my eye liner. I just mixed up the Hard Candy (blue), Tiny Tart (purple), Toffee (brownish color) and Black Bart (black). You don't have to add extra glitter to your eyes if you don't want to. Then line your water line on the bottom and top of your eyes, I used Rimmel's pencil in black. Next, take the same colors you used for you eye shadow and put them underneath your water line. and Voila you're done!

These are the items I used for this tutorial

I know some of those steps were a bit long to read, but please bare with me until I get a video camera to start doing video tutorials. Thanks for reading!


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