Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Looks

I know I need to put up more tutorials, I just haven't done it because it takes so much time trying to get the picture to take right on my Evo and having to cut and scale it down on Photoshop. So please bare with me I will try to get out as many tutorials as I can, especially now that spring is here. I have some great ideas on how to do spring colors on darker skin tones. Anyway, I do almost always take a picture of my eye shadow looks over the weekend so check them out. I'll probably start a "picture" page soon too so you guys can see all the different looks I like to do for fun or to go out in. These are only a few that I have on my Evo, I couldn't find my other pictures, but there will be more to come. Enjoy!

4/16/2011 Purple with a Periwinkle Blue
4/16/2011 Dark Purple with a Periwinkle Blue
2/2011 Bronze Browns with Black
2/2011 Bronze Browns with Black



  1. I love this look!!!!! I wish I could do this!!

  2. Linda, You can! Practice makes perfect! We'll have a makeup day one of these days and we can play all day!


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