Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eye Lash Extenoions - By Michelle

I have always been told how nice and long my eyelashes are and yes, they are REAL! So I've never had to invest into fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. I know a lot of girls out there who have to and it looks great, I'm not knocking on those that need to wear the fakes or get the extensions. On that note, my cousin in law recently got her eyelashes done, and they look amazing! She didn't just get the regular black, which is still pretty awesome too, but she did a variety of colors! It's so pretty and I love it because I haven't seen anyone do the eyelash extensions with different colors. Looking at her pictures it makes me want to get some colors into my lashes just for fun. Anyway, her friend Michelle does them, so please check out her Facebook Page and see for yourself. Go to the info section of her page and check out the pricing list. She's located in San Diego, so all of you San Diegans go like her page! =)


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