Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matte Brown Eye Shadow

I was totally bored the other day and decided to do a picture tutorial on how I apply Matte Brown eye shadow. I don't have a video blog, mainly because I don't have a good enough video camera and the video camera on my phone doesn't upload to you tube clearly enough. Anyway, here goes!

Matte Brown Eye Shadow look

Step One:
Fill in your eye brows if you need to, here I used a mixture of the Caramel Ice and Charcoal. Next apply an eyelid primer, this helps your eye shadow to stick and last longer. I used an ELF Eyelid Primer, works great and is a pretty sheer color.

Step Two:
Apply the brown eye shadow to both eyes, I used Caramel ice from my Sheer Cover Sophisticate Palette. As you can see I just packed it on, in this step you will see a line between your brown eye shadow and the primer. No need to worry about this because the next step is to blend that line.

Step Three:
Now, blend the brown shadow. I always blend in a circular motion going from my outer eyelid to the inner eyelid. Repeat this process to your other eyelid. as you can see in the picture, on the right, my left eye is blended. I did this to show you what the difference looks like.

Step Four:
Apply the black to the outer corner of your eyelid. I used the Charcoal color from my Sheer Cover Sophisticate Palette. Again, pack it on because you will blend it out in the next step.

Step Five:
Blend the black into your crease. The crease is the contour of your eyelid (notice the line of my eyelid, that is what you want to aim for when blending the black). The picture on the right shows both eyes blended.

Step Six:
Apply a highlight color underneath your eye brow and blend into your brown. Here I like to blend downwards in a circular motion from the outer eyelid to the inner eyelid. I used the Ballerina color from my Sheer Cover Sophisticate Palette.
Step Seven:
Apply eye liner to the top eyelid and follow with mascara. I always do a thin line of eyeliner, because I like the thinner look better than the thick look. For the eyeliner I used Maybeline's Stilletto Liquid Eye Liner in Blackest Black. For my mascara I used L'Oreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black.

Step Eight:
Apply a pencil eye liner to your bottom eyes. I also like to apply eye shadow directly beneath my eye liner. Here I used Ballerina in the inner corner of my lower eye to probably about a third of the way, then I used the Caramel Ice another third of the way and lastly I used the Charcoal for the remainder third of my under eye. Be sure to blend a little bit as you go.


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