Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eye Kandy Cosmetics - Giveaway

So here it is girls, check out the pictures below to see what I will be giving away this time. After trying their products myself, I figured I could do a giveaway since this stuff is so awesome!


What: Eye Kandy Cosmetics Bag with a value of $28.00.
          In the Bag:
          1 Liquid Sugar Base
          3 Sprinkles Glitter - Colors: Ginger Snap, Toffee and Double Bubble
          1 small brush

When: April 9, 2011 to April 30, 2011

How to enter:

1.) Like this giveaway link through the Beautiful Inside and Out Facebook group page, its open so anyone can join! You can like it as many times as I post it in one day, so be on the look out I might re-post this link a few times through out the day. One like on the link equals one entry.

2.) Become a follower to my blog, Breen Life, and you'll receive 5 entries. For those of you who are already on my subscribers list, you will automatically receive 5 entries unless you email me to notify me declining to be in this giveaway. (Note: This is a one time deal, you only get 5 entries once)

I will chose a winner via on May 1, 2011. Once the winner has been chosen, they have 2 days to respond with their mailing address. If they do not respond within 2 days, I will then choose another winner. When we have a winner who has acknowledged that they won, I will post the winner in my Blog as well as in the Beautiful Inside and Out Facebook group page. Good luck to everyone!

If you have any questions, please email me at (please do not spam my email). Good luck to everyone!

**Note: Unfortunately I cannot make this giveaway an international one due to shipping costs, I apologize for this inconvenience, but hopefully the next giveaway I can ship internationally. Open to all U.S.A. residents** 



  1. GFC Follower! Thanks for the giveaway! Love the makeup!

  2. Added your group on Facebook! Thanks

  3. So did I do this right? I want to make sure I'm getting signed up for the giveaway. I followed on GFC and liked and added you on FB.

  4. Hey LittleCricket, what's your gfc name?

  5. I have no idea even how to find it lol. I just pressed the follow gfc button on your page and it signed me up through my google account. it should be littlecricketlearns, but i'm not sure. i'm sorry, I feel stupid, but I'm new to all this blog stuff.

  6. The only other new person I see is Xthemakeupbag. Is that not you? Don't feel stupid, I'm still new at this too! lol... I think you're suppose to click follow then it will pop up another window and it will ask you to follow publicly or privately and will make you sign into your google account.

  7. I still don't see Little Cricket, do you have a different GFC name?


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