Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Look - Brown and Coral

So, I've been meaning to put up a tutorial on my Spring Look and I am finally getting to it. This is just an eye shadow tutorial and I will listing the products that I use as we go along. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

Step One: In this step I always have my eye brows filled in, force of habit I guess :-). Then PRIMER! Always use primer, it really helps the eye shadows to stick and not lose too much color. Another tip, I usually apply my eye shadow with a damp brush and pack it on because you will be blending and most of the time the blending will take away some color. Not to fret though because if your color needs more color, the solution is to add more if you need more.

Here I used E.L.F.'s eye lid primer, Avon's smooth mineral in Bronze Stone. For my eye brows I lightly used my Rimmel eye liner and then brushed it out with an angle brush so its not so "sharpie" looking.

Step Two: Add your contour color. Once you've added that BLEND. I seriously cannot stress enough that eye shadow MUST be blended. Blending helps give it a more natural look verses seeing someone's eyes done and you can tell where they totally did not blend. So please, take a blending brush or even your finger and blend. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Here I used E.L.F.'s Studio Line in Coffee Bean, I love this dark brown color from E.L.F. Its really pretty and not too overwhelming especially for a spring look and its CHEAP.

Step Three: Once you've blended your brown and beige color together add a nice bright coral/orange color. And then, you know what to do, BLEND! In this step I actually took  my pinky finger and just brushed the coral upwards into my brown. Seriously, using your finger works wonders, because it doesn't take away a lot of the color while your blending. Again, if you start to lose color, just add more and blend. Once you've blended the coral, add your highlighter color under your brows and BLEND downwards into your brown. I also added more of the Avon's Bronze Stone color to the inner corner of my eye.

Here I used MAC's pigment, I honesty don't know what the color is called but its a Coral color. For my highlighter I used E.L.F's Studio Line in Butter Cream.

Step Four: Usually I use a liquid eye liner to line my top eyes, but in this look I just used my Rimmel eye liner, then brushed it out just a tiny bit so its not so dark. Then I used my Eye Kandy Sprinkles Glitter and put it over my thinly lined eye liner. The Sprinkles Glitter colors I used were a mixture of Caramel Apple, Toffee and Ginger Snap. I love the glitter because it gives your eyes a bit of a pizazz. Also I used the Rimmel on both my top and lower water line. For my mascara I used L'Oreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black. I also added the eye shadows underneath my water line, going a third of the way with each color, don't forget to blend that as well. And VOILA you're done!


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