Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eye Kandy Cosmetics - Review

 I recently ordered products from Eye Kandy Cosmetics, and they are quick to ship the products! I received them in 2 days! Really truly amazed at the fast shipping and awesome packaging. Nothing was out of place, nothing was broken so that is always a plus.

I have never really worked with this type of glitter before, but it wasn't very hard. I had no trouble applying the Sprinkles Glitter in Black Bart as an eye liner, which came out perfect! I loved the way it gave my eyeliner a little more shine than normal liquid eye liner. And no, the glitter didn't even flake into my eyes at all! I wear contacts so that is a big plus for me. They have tons of pretty Sprinkles Glitter colors so that you can create any look your little hear desires. I will have to play with the glitter a little more since I have never used this type of makeup before, but this will be tons of fun!

I absolutely positively love the Sprinkles Mineral colors. Usually I have to apply my make up with a damp brush because colors don't really like to show up on my eyes cause of my dark skin tone. But the Sprinkles Mineral colors are a-freaken-mazing! You don't have to pack on a ton of the minerals, which is another plus for me. I really wished I would have chosen and bought more mineral colors, but I always have time for that later =).

Overall, I really like the products, easy to work with, and you get a lot of color for your buck. I love the little pods, because now I can put like 10 different colors in my makeup bag and still have room for other stuff. Pricing is fairly descent, I think that's why I chose to try them out. At times I am a cheapo so this works pretty well for my budget. On that note, I am doing an Eye Kandy Bag giveaway, sponsored by me, so check it out under giveaway tab.


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